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Serving Pct 1 and all of Comal County


Why I am a candidate for County Commissioner, Pct 1

For more than two years I have been attending Comal County Commissioner's Court to address concerns, listen and learn about how our County works, provide information and recommendations to Commissioner's Court on a joint project. My background and experience are in operations management; specifically with developing business plans, budgeting, analysis and negotiating contracts.  Couple my business experience with my leadership roles with a homeowner's association and non-profit organizations, I have more than 30 years of applicable experience to serve Comal County. I have not been a politician but I have been a leader, a servant and always willing to do everything I can to assist each resident and business as a fellow member of this great community.  I am results driven and anxious to use my experience in joining my fellow Commissioners in the conservation and protection of our natural resources, improve communication, continue roadway planning, supporting our law enforcement while ensuring that each resident, taxpayer, elected official, business can feel assured that I am available and ready to work on solutions.


  • Seventeen years’ experience with operating all aspects of a homeowner association including Texas property code compliance, commercial construction, infrastructure construction and maintenance, developer coordination and working with a variety of San Antonio City Services.

  • Private sector management experience in retail and healthcare corporations.

  • Definitive abilities in leadership, planning, organization, decision-making and team building.

  • Accomplished in developing and implementing decisive business plans.

  • Extensive background with integrating data to compile financial information for budgetary, trend management and negotiating contracts.

  • Skilled in chartering projects, process improvement, relationship improvement skills, conflict management, creative problem solving, and producing results with others.

Top Priorities

  • I prioritize local solutions and collaboration with local people for the evolving challenges in Comal County, spanning roadway planning, community services, and law enforcement.

  • Responsible fiscal stewardship is crucial amid our growth. A comprehensive communication plan, partnering with our local stakeholders; conservation groups, elected officials, utilities, and citizens, will address water source awareness and conservation.

  • Transparency, communication, and accessibility to leadership are paramount, ensuring my constant availability to constituents.

  • Strengthening partnerships with public recreation stakeholders is key, focusing on safety, access, and implementing operational improvements.

Commissioners Court Agenda
February 15, 2024

REGULAR MEETING of Commissioners Court will be held on

Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 8:30 AM in the Commissioners Courtroom, 100 Main Plaza, New Braunfels, Texas.

Viewing the agenda via the link below provides the supporting documents related to the agenda items, which provides for background information that is not available via the email notice. I hope you find it beneficial.

You may download the Agenda here:

doug leecock univ CC.jpg

Endorsements from Our Community

Doug Leecock does not feel like a politician.  He is down to earth, reliable, and involved with the community.  Case in point, he became aware of a disabled veteran who was being evicted from his home, and not only volunteered his day to assist, but brought a trailer to expedite.  He did not slack off and there was no mention of pictures or publicity.  This review of him was also unsolicited.   This is the kind of person that I want in local government. 

Trent Hilderbrand

Licensed Health Agent

 Doug is the right person for the job now. Doug is a committed, dedicated resident of our Precinct, with a servants heart. Doug has proven himself to myself and many, many others with his selfless dedication to bettering our quality of living. Doug is approachable, hands on, and available. Doug's willingness to actually be involved, get his hands dirty and jump in where needed to help is a proven fact. Candidate Leecock's campaign slogan is Faith, Family, Service... those aren't just words.. those are how he lives his life. We need everything Doug Leecock brings to the table for Precinct 1. Please join me in voting for Doug Leecock-Precinct 1 County Commissioner.  

Debbie England

Mom, Friend, Business Owner, Administrator ECL, President Canyon Lake Animal Shelter

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Doug Leecock as a candidate for Comal County’s County Commissioner, Pct#1.
I have known Doug for 4 years, and during this time, I have come to admire his unwavering dedication to his community, his strong work ethic, and his deeply held family values. Doug is a hardworking individual who consistently goes above and beyond to serve others. Whether it's volunteering for local charities, organizing community events, or advocating for important causes, Doug always puts the needs of others before his own. His tireless commitment to improving the lives of those around him makes him an invaluable asset to our community. One of Doug's most admirable qualities is his love for his family. He is a devoted husband and father who prioritizes spending quality time with his loved ones. His strong family values not only guide his personal life but also influence his approach to public service. Doug understands the importance of building strong, supportive communities where families can thrive, and he is dedicated to making that vision a reality. In addition to his strong work ethic and family values, Doug is also a man of faith. His deep-rooted belief in God informs every aspect of his life, including his approach to leadership and decision-making. Doug's faith gives him the strength and resilience to tackle challenges head-on and to lead with integrity and compassion. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly believe that Doug Leecock would make an exceptional County Commissioner. His hardworking nature, family values, and unwavering faith make him the ideal candidate to represent and serve the people of our county. I urge you to give him your full consideration and support.

Sincerely, Wade Fogle

Doug Leecock has proven to our family he is the right person for Precinct 1, County Commissioner. He has shown his true colors as a hard worker over the past months making himself available to Comal County residents, including those who don’t currently support him. His work ethic and willingness to listen and calmly ask questions about any concern is impressive. He is level-headed and not quick to make poor decisions. Not only has Doug been attending Commissions Court meetings, but he has also been out each day discussing concerns that affect residents individually. With my first-hand knowledge of his dedication and commitment, I encourage you to vote for Doug Leecock. 

Jerry M. Lovell, 48-year Resident, Comal County Property and Small Business Owner

If you are still considering which candidate to vote for in the primary election for County Commissioner, Precinct One, your choice should start and end with Doug Leecock.

We have known Doug and his amazing family for the last four years! He has always proven to be honest, reliable and hard working. He loves this community and definitely has its best interest at heart! In his spare time, this man spends numerous hours walking the lake shore just picking up trash and talking to people about the challenges we all face on a daily basis. Doug has volunteered countless hours in numerous organizations and has showed his steadfastness and dedication time after time. He is not afraid of a challenge and is confident in his ability to make a difference for betterment of Precinct One. Doug doesn’t bow to pressure and stands up for what he believes in, always! We know that we can always count on Doug and we know that Our community can do the same when he is elected. If you are looking for the best person for this job, then vote for Doug!

 David and Chris Gardner

As a lifelong resident of Comal County, a business owner, and the Treasurer of the New Braunfels Young Republicans, I wholeheartedly endorse Doug Leecock for Comal County Commissioner Precinct 1. Doug’s deep understanding of the responsibilities of the commissioner role sets him apart from other candidates. He is committed to upholding conservative values and safeguarding the financial interests of taxpayers. With Doug at the helm, I am confident that our county will thrive under his leadership. Vote Doug Leecock for progress and accountability in Comal County. - D.J. Seeger 

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